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Guided tour

Harberton has been open to the public since the early 1980s.  The best way of getting to know the farm is taking the hour-long guided homestead tour

The guides are usually university tourism student interns, intensively trained by the family in flora, fauna and history of the area.  The tour includes excellent views of the bay, mountains and islands to the southeast, then a stroll through The Park, TF's oldest Nature Reserve (fenced in the 1890s) to view the five kinds of native trees, other local flora, replicas of two types of native wigwam and learn family history.  Coming down the hill, you enter some of the old buildings: the shearing shed, carpenter shop and boat house, walking step by step through history to end in the family garden with its 1894 terraces. 

The tour terminates in the Mánacatush Tea Room, part of the old house, where there are posters illustrating the native groups and Bridges, Lawrence and Goodall family history. 

· Estancia Harberton · Tierra del Fuego · Argentina · turismo@estanciaharberton.com ·