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By road

The estancia is located on the Beagle Channel, 85 km to the east of Ushuaia by road. You reach the estancia by following National Route 3 (40 km, paved) to where it starts up over the mountain at Rancho Hambre, then taking the hilly, winding, unpaved Provincial Route J (now called Ruta 33), for 45 kms more, about an hour and a half.  Most of the road follows the Río Lasifashaj through the Valle Tierra Mayor, first past winter sports centers and then down a long valley behind the coastal range until you reach the Beagle Channel again at Bahía Almirante Brown. Across the bay and channel you can see Puerto Williams, the small town on the north coast of Isla Navarino.

Along the road you can enjoy beautiful Fuegian landscapes, its mountain ranges, dense Nothofagus forests, extensive Sphagnum peat-bog valleys and later, along the coast, the characteristic “flag trees” formed by the strong west-southwest winds.  The area abounds in unique geological features, especially the low, northwest-southeastward-facing drumlins, elongated hills formed by glaciers which were rapidly receeding.  Be sure to watch for the numerous beaver dams along the streams.

You can come by taxi, minibus (called a combi), join a tour or rent your own vehicle; we recommend a full gas tank, as there are no gas stations outside of town.

* See map.

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