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Acatushún Museum

The Museo Acatushún de Aves y Mamíferos Marinos Australes is within the homestead some 500 m from the main house.  It is a working Museum/laboratory for the study of the basic biology of the marine mammals (mainly dolphins) and birds of the southern tip of South America.  The result of over 34 years of scientific research by its founder, Natalie Goodall, the wife of Harberton's manager, the collection contains the skeletons of over 2700 marine mammals and 2300 birds. 

Again, university-level biology or vet student interns spend at least a month each at the museum, collecting and studying animals stranded on the beaches, doing necropsies, obtaining samples, cleaning skeletons for the collection and explaining their work to visitors.  Be sure to save an hour to visit the exhibition hall, which has a simulated under-water scene with life-sized figures of dolphins, seals and birds, many with their skeletons.  The tour also includes the laboratories and, if wished, the "bone house" where skeletons are cleaned.  The Museum is managed by the non-profit R.N.P. Goodall Foundation. For more information please visit www.acatushun.com.

Note: on some catamaran or penguin island visits there is not enough time to visit the dolphin Museum.

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